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OrderPage view (PV)Remote host (IP)Repeater (RP)Repeater rate (RR)
TermDefaultEvery dayEvery weekEvery month
quarter in 20111Q, 20112Q, 20113Q, 20114Q, 2011
quarter in 20121Q, 20122Q, 20123Q, 20124Q, 2012
quarter in 20131Q, 20132Q, 20133Q, 20134Q, 2013
quarter in 20141Q, 20142Q, 20143Q, 20144Q, 2014
quarter in 20151Q, 20152Q, 20153Q, 20154Q, 2015
quarter in 20161Q, 20162Q, 20163Q, 20164Q, 2016
quarter in 20171Q, 20172Q, 20173Q, 20174Q, 2017
quarter in 20181Q, 20182Q, 20183Q, 20184Q, 2018
quarter in 20191Q, 2019
JA :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
EN :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
NoOctober, 2015November, 2015December, 2015
1Daddy cool No Thank You !Daddy cool No Thank You !
PV:22 IP:10 RP:4 RR:40%
2Dinosaur vs Elephant (Animal)Dinosaur vs Elephant (Animal)
PV:16 IP:5 RP:4 RR:80%
PV:15 IP:11 RP:2 RR:18%
4Message board GroupMessage board Group
PV:15 IP:3 RP:2 RR:67%
5Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum Message board (A Certain Magical Index)Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum Message board (A Certain Magical Index)
PV:14 IP:7 RP:6 RR:86%
6Monkey (Animal)Monkey (Animal)
PV:13 IP:12 RP:1 RR:8%
7Ika Musume and SnailIka Musume and Snail
PV:13 IP:12 RP:3 RR:25%
8Salmon (Fish)Salmon (Fish)
PV:11 IP:9 RP:1 RR:11%
9Hoshiyama Kate (World Conquest Zvezda Plot)Hoshiyama Kate (World Conquest Zvezda Plot)
PV:6 IP:3 RP:3 RR:100%
10Doraemon Message board (Doraemon)Doraemon Message board (Doraemon)
PV:6 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
11Yokokawa Muska (Grave of the Fireflies)Yokokawa Muska (Grave of the Fireflies)
PV:6 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
12Octopus SnipeOctopus Snipe
PV:5 IP:4 RP:1 RR:25%
13Japanese chessJapanese chess
PV:5 IP:3 RP:1 RR:33%
14Christmas Cake (Hetalia)Christmas Cake (Hetalia)
PV:5 IP:3 RP:2 RR:67%
15Cassette tape (Contradiction)Cassette tape (Contradiction)
PV:5 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
16Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
PV:5 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
17Son Goku Kamehameha (DRAGON BALL)Son Goku Kamehameha (DRAGON BALL)
PV:4 IP:4 RP:0 RR:0%
18Misaka & Kuroko & Saten & Uiharu (Toaru kagaku no railgun)Misaka & Kuroko & Saten & Uiharu (Toaru kagaku no railgun)
PV:4 IP:2 RP:2 RR:100%
19Ahahahaha TankAhahahaha Tank
PV:4 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
20Captain Tsubasa FormationCaptain Tsubasa Formation
PV:4 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
21Fight moreFight more
PV:4 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
22Yamcha & Puar (DRAGON BALL)Yamcha & Puar (DRAGON BALL)
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
25Oeedori & HippopotamusOeedori & Hippopotamus
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
26Nakano Azusa (Keion!)Nakano Azusa (Keion!)
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
27Pig Rice Bowl DishesPig Rice Bowl Dishes
PV:3 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
28Beetle (Bug)Beetle (Bug)
PV:3 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:3 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
30Red Pyramid Thing (SILENT HILL)Red Pyramid Thing (SILENT HILL)
PV:3 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
33Gasai Yuno Kitchen Knife (Future Diary)Gasai Yuno Kitchen Knife (Future Diary)
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
34Hiiragi Mine (Cooking Idol I! My! Mine!)Hiiragi Mine (Cooking Idol I! My! Mine!)
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
35Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
37Sadako Kitty (Hello Kitty)Sadako Kitty (Hello Kitty)
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
39Black hole & Pentagon Christmas (Kinnikuman)Black hole & Pentagon Christmas (Kinnikuman)
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
40Doraemon & Nobi NobitaDoraemon & Nobi Nobita
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
41Ran Ran BiyoriRan Ran Biyori
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
43Rage of BahamutRage of Bahamut
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
44USUGEMAN (Anpanman)USUGEMAN (Anpanman)
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
45Meshiuma HorseMeshiuma Horse
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
46Ranka Lee Shout (MACROSS)Ranka Lee Shout (MACROSS)
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
48Kaga & Akagi (Kantai Collection)Kaga & Akagi (Kantai Collection)
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
50From Tiger Year to Rabbit YearFrom Tiger Year to Rabbit Year
PV:1 IP:1 RP:0 RR:0%

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